Why can’t I log in

Why can't I log in to Members' Pages?

First time on the new site?

1) We have switched to a new system and you should have received the password that we have on record for you.
2) If this doesn't work then click 'reset your password'
3) If you still have problems follow the instructions below in "Not the first time?" to clear your browser history
4) After you log into the site, you can go to the profile edit page and update your password to something different.

Not the first time?

If you still can't log in, your web browser may be remembering a failed entry. Try clearing your browser's history or cache. Your browser's cache stores snapshots of web pages you visit so they will load more quickly next time. It also keeps information that appears on multiple pages, so you don't need to download the same thing several times. However, the cache can sometimes prevent you from seeing updated content, or cause problems when stored content conflicts with live content.

Your browser will have a facility for clearing the cache. Otherwise as "history". Different versions, and makes can vary where this can be foun but the instructions below should guide you.

Internet Explorer: a cog top-right opens a menu, select Internet Options, the first tab "General" has a browsing history section with a clear settings button to press.

Edge: click the ... top right, select settings, Browsing history, click button 'choose what to clear', then clear)

Firefox: press ctrl+shift+del, choose the time range ('everything' will work)

Chrome:pres ctrl+H and then Clear Browsing Data.

If you are still not sure how to do this, go direct to this link which gives instructions for most browser types: CLICK HERE.

If you are not sure what browser or browser version you are using, click HERE. This web page will instantly identify your browser and computer type.

If the above does not help or you want a new or more memorable password, contact me describing your problem. Your password should have at least eight characters include at least one capital letter, one number and one non-alphanumeric.