Insurance and asset management advice in English

Hello, my name is Isabelle Want. For the past 7 years, I have been working for Allianz and BH Assurances as an asset manager.

Being married to an Englishman and having lived in the UK for 8 years gives me a better insight into what British people are experiencing and what they need. Being French and born in the Charente has enabled me to offer some answers.

See my columns on BH Assurance's fully bi-lingual website .

I am, as always, available for any free advice on the following subjects:

  • INHERITANCE LAW (who inherits, how much death duties, what solutions)
  • TAXES (everybody's fear! The month of May tax forms, etc)
  • INVESTMENTS (what is available, what rate, etc.)
  • LIFE INSURANCE (how to protect your loved ones)
  • FUNERAL COVER (preparing for the inevitable, unfortunately!)
  • TOP UP HEALTH INSURANCE (why you need it and how much it is)
  • INSURANCES (get a free quote to see if you could save money)

I am working in the Allianz offices in Ruffec, La Rochefoucauld and Chasseneuil sur Bonnieure and my contact details are below. Please do not hesitate to contact me for free advice on any of the above or if you think you are paying too much on your insurances and want a free quote - and we have a dedicated bilingual person to deal with claims.

Finally, we have an English website with all sorts of useful information and tips on all of the above subjects (practical information on the English section)

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Isabelle Want
BH Assurances
Conseiller Financier/ Asset Manager
Mob:+33(0)6 17 30 39 11
N° orias : 07020908/07021727/07004255
22 Rue Jean Jaures
16700 Ruffec
Tel : +33 (0)5 45 31 01 61
Fax :+33(0)5 45 29 58 67

10 Boulevard du 8 mai 1945
16110 La Rochefoucauld
Tel :+33(0)5 45 63 54 31
Fax :+33(0)5 45 62 19 79

102 Avenue de la Republique
16260 Chasseneuil sur Bonnieure
Tel :+33(0)5 45 39 51 47
Fax+33(0)5 45 22 55 54